Ugly Bear by Samuel D. Minor

UGLY BEAR 90 is a streetwear brand founded by Samuel D. Minor.  Samuel was born in 1996 in Chicago’s Cabrini Greens neighborhood.  At that time, a stuffed teddy bear was the symbol for comfort, love and innocence, to a child.  90s babies today are being wiped-out by drugs and violence and are suffering depression at an alarming rate.  The brand is built upon traumatic experiences that his generation is facing. UGLY BEAR is an attack on depression.  We’re fighting back with style. Fashion has the power to shift energy. When people look good, they tend to feel better about themselves and behave in a more positive manner.  Samuel suffered from depression until he discovered his love for fashion in the 6th grade. He would go downtown to high-end stores and try on a bunch of different outfits. The clothes would make him feel so new, so powerful and by doing this every day, he unconsciously defeated his depression.   This inspired him to create his own “feel good” type of clothing. He started drawing out clothes in 2014 and would take the drawings to nearby printing shops to bring his designs to life. It wasn’t until 2015 when he came up with the UGLY BEAR logo. The reactions he got from peers were very enlightening and motivating.  He loved how the logo would bring a smile to people’s faces. It was then that he decided to go public with the brand. The brand’s main goal is to spread positive energy and help victim’s overcome depression from traumatic experiences – through style.