Petra Poórová

Petra Poórová is the Lead Designer of Petra Poorova–Fashion Studio.  She belongs to the current generation of active Slovak fashion designers.  Petra was born and raised in Slovakia in the capital city Bratislava. In 2004 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava with a Master’s degree in Fashion Design.  She founded Petra Poórová–Fashion Studio in 2005, where she continues to work. Petra Poórová– Fashion Studio is focused on design and implementation of custom clothes, readymade clothes for individuals, couture dresses, seasonal ready to wear clothes, custom clothes for companies, advertising agencies, theatre, advertisements, fairs, and music clips.  She designs and produces limited collections with an aim to attract a wide range of opportunities; her models are suitable for different age categories. She also designs the fabric for her clothes collections. Typical of garments from her studio is an interesting minimalistic dressmaker´s detail and playful authors printing and textile application. She focuses on the details and quality of her products.   She expresses herself in her designs and apparel through symbolism, unusual graphics and secret textile details on clothes, which you can find in various parts of her designs.