Darren Boyd Buchanan

Fabric da Vinci is Darren Boyd Buchanan’s pseudonym. His philosophy is that intelligence is not a reflection of what one knows, but instead, one’s ability to make associations. With this said, the polymath considers himself an academic first and foremost, and everything flows from such. His hobbies consist of cultural immersion through extensive travel, education, social entrepreneurship, and volunteering for a wide variety of causes. Fashion design, along with music, writing, and fine arts, are mere outlets for his academic and creative endeavors. As a result, his fashion collections extend far beyond surface level inspiration and delve into academic research for the themes presented. THINK VOGUE MEETS NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC! In the upcoming Chicago Fashion Week Fall 2018 show, Fabric da Vinci, the modern-day Renaissance man, will present his Haude Couture collection (intentionally misspelled and pronounced Hood Culture) that examines urban cultural appropriation, the ills of inner- city living and the effects of the glorification of the worst aspects of the “Culture.”